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The INDRA story

INDRA are a smart EV charge point manufacturer who are committed to making the roads a greener place with smarter, better and faster EV chargers. Founded in 2017, INDRA was formed on the realisation that there was a need for practical, easy to use and innovative EV chargers, after founder, Mike Schooling, decided to convert a petrol Mazda RX8 to full electric and seeing a lack of decent EV chargers. 

 The company are now fully focused on bringing customers the most awesome smart chargers in the world, packed with intelligence and smart features. They are one of the fastest growing EV charger companies in the UK and are a trusted manufacturer.

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INDRA EV charging

Indra Charge Point

Indra charge point

Indra Smart Pro

from only £799*

The Indra Smart PRO is smart by name and smart by nature. This British-made charger brings you cheaper, fast and more advanced charging.

*subject to OZEV grant eligibility

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Indra Charge Point

Indra charge point

Indra Pioneer

from only £949*

The Indra Pioneer provides all the benefits of the Indra Smart PRO whilst rewarding you for your smart charging with Amazon vouchers and other member benefits.

*subject to OZEV grant eligibility

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Smart EV Charging made easy with INDRA

Designed from the ground up, INDRA chargers offer the latest smart features, safety protection and app control. Easy to understand, install and use, the capabilities of the Smart Pro EV charger include letting you charge your electric car with solar energy, taking advantage of negative energy prices automatically and even powering a home through a vehicle. 

Each INDRA EV solution is driven by innovation and they pride themselves in being able to offer the cheaper and fastest way to power your electric vehicle.


Installation of the INDRA Smart Pro is simple. Once the install is confirmed, we will organise a day and time that suits you to install your new charge point. The process shouldnt take too long, but we advise you to be available for the entire day, just in case. 

The INDRA charger will be wall-mounted, either on a garage or outdoor wall. Well work with you to install the charge point in your desired location, taking into account your power supply, the latest regulations as well as vehicle parking.  

We have a team of highly trained engineers and they will always carry out the necessary electrical safety checks before carrying out any work. Once installed, your engineer will ensure the smart EV charging cable is safely positioned and will carry out sufficient safety checks to ensure it is all working properly. 

A full demonstration will be given to you and youll be able to ask any questions on how to use your new INDRA charge point as well as how to make the most out of driving your electric vehicle. 

24/7 Managed Services

With our 24/7 Managed Services package we ensure that your home charger is in tip-top condition. We monitor your home charge point 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for energy usage and carbon footprint. We also look for any faults with your charge point and aim to fix them remotely whenever we can. And if an engineer is needed? We’ll be there within 4hrs – that’s a promise.

It’s why we’re the smart EV charge point company – we provide installation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance all in one.

INDRA is compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands:

Are you eligible for the OZEV EVHS grant?

Reduce the cost of your EV home charger by up to £350 with the OZEV grant. If you qualify, sit back and relax, as we take care of the claim on your behalf.

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