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We provide expert charge point installation, monitoring, and maintenance across the UK*. At eFaraday we pride ourselves on consistently meeting the highest standards in our practices.

Charging solutions across the UK*

We install electric car charge points for homes and businesses across mainland UK. Some of the areas we install charge points are Leeds, York, Sheffield, Nottingham, London, Doncaster, Manchester, Newcastle, Hull, Liverpool, and Leicester.

eFaraday was formed to do more than just install EV points, but to provide a premium EV charge point installation and management service that leads the way in terms of efficiency, customer service response times. We’re a passionate team, with decades of experience in the managed & monitored services sector across a variety of industries. Above all, we’re dedicated to making a positive and sustainable impact on the planet.


Our UK charging solutions include:


Initial installation

We use a range of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) products and our own team of local engineers to install your charge points to the highest standards.


We monitor for charge point availability, status, energy usage and faults. Faults are identifying and resolved remotely (whenever we can). If we need to send an engineer, they’ll be there within 4hrs. That’s a promise.


Regular monitoring carried out by our maintenance team ensure efficient charge points in tip-top condition, all year round.


Receive tailored reporting for your business. How much energy is a certain vehicle using? What’s my fleet’s carbon footprint? We have the data.

Energy use payments

We calculate and separate the electricity for personal and business use and charge the necessary amount directly to the supplier on your behalf.


Get in touch today! We can help you find the charging solution for your home or business.

*Please note that we are yet to provide our services to Northern Island and the British Islands. We currently cover mainland UK only.


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