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Easee EV Charging

EV charging for homes, businesses, fleets and public places

The Easee story

Easee is shaping the future of electricity. Founded by three entrepreneurs in 2018, Easee products are developed and manufactured in Norway and aim to provide customers with a seamless experience and solution to charging electric vehicles. The Easee team are passionate about creating products that their customers love and are delivering units to 16 countries around the world. 

The team started their journey by developing the world’s smartest charging robot for EVs and have strong visions and ambitions for the future. 

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Delivering EV charging with Easee

Easee have developed a charging robot that makes it easy and affordable to invest in modern and forward-looking charging infrastructure. Their technology is lightning intelligent and provides more power, smarter control and improved security. Plus, the Ease charge point replaces the electrical outlet. 

Each Easee Charge unit offers the opportunity for innovative charging that maximises the available electrical capacity within a building by using dynamic load and phase balancing. Easee Charge products are also easy to scale and offer a modern and forward-looking charging infrastructure that have three levels of security and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Easee EV charging

Easee One

from only £709*

An intelligent, powerful and secure home charging station, developed and produced in Norway and available in five elegant colour ways.

*subject to OZEV grant eligibility

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With us, installation of your Easee charge point is easy. Once we’ve confirmed your installation and we’ve sorted all the paperwork, we’ll organise a date and time that’s right for you. One of our friendly engineers will be in touch to let you know that they’re on their way and once arrived, will get to work installing your Easee Charging unit. 

Your engineer will install your charge point in the most appropriate place, taking into account your preference, the power supply and where you charge your vehicle. An Easee charge point can be wall-mounted on an external wall, garage or post. 

Safety is our top priority. Before and after everything has been installed, your engineer will carry out the necessary electrical checks, ensure all cables are safely positioned and ensure all is working as it should.

We always provide a full demonstration and training on how to use your new Easee charge point, in addition to some great tips on how to get the most your of your EV.

24/7 Managed Services

With our 24/7 Managed Services package we ensure that your home charger is in tip-top condition. We monitor your home charge point 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for energy usage and carbon footprint. We also look for any faults with your charge point and aim to fix them remotely whenever we can. And if an engineer is needed? We’ll be there within 4hrs – that’s a promise.

It’s why we’re the smart EV charge point company – we provide installation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance all in one.

Easee is compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands:

Are you eligible for an OZEV grant?

Reduce the cost of your EV charger with an OZEV grant. If you qualify, sit back and relax, as we take care of the claim on your behalf.

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