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The Tritium story

Founded in 2001 by e-mobility pioneers, Tritium was the first company in the world to implement Plug and Charge technology. This is what enables an EV and charge equipment to communicate, authenticate and transact via the charging cable. Safe to say, they know their stuff. 

Tritium design and manufacture proprietary technology and are leading the charge in creating the world’s most advanced and reliable DC fast chargers. 

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Compact & reliable charge points with Tritium

Tritium’s award-winning and cutting-edge DC fast chargers offer superior performance, durability and reliability, all with the world’s smallest footprint. Ranging from 50kw to 350kw, Tritium offers some of the most powerful EV chargers on the market. 

With a small environmental footprint and the flexibility to suit all types of site configuration, Tritium chargers are designed for those who want to charge their vehicles fast and effectively. They’re robust and allow for custom-branding to highlight your company’s image.

Tritium Installation Process

We’ll make the installation of your Tritium charge point simple. Once we’ve confirmed your order, we’ll take care of all of the paperwork and organise a date for one of our engineers to install your EV charge point.

On the day of your installation, your engineer will let you know when they are on their way and their ETA. Before carrying out any work, they’ll perform all the necessary safety electrical checks to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Your engineer will discuss with you the location of your Tritium charge points, based on your business needs, preference and the source of the power supply. After installation, the engineer will check everything is working properly and will give a full demonstration on how to use your new Tritium charge point system. 

24/7 Managed Services

With our 24/7 Managed Services package we ensure that your rapid charger is in tip-top condition. We monitor your entire charge point system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for energy usage and carbon footprint. We also look for any faults with your charge point and aim to fix them remotely whenever we can. And if an engineer is needed? We’ll be there within 4hrs – that’s a promise.

It’s why we’re the smart EV charge point company – we provide installation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance all in one.

Tritium EV chargers

Tritium RT50

50kw DC Fast Charger

The RT50 is a compact and reliable fast charger, perfect for charging any EV on the market. Given its compact size, it can fit into most car parks without need for modification.

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Tritium RTM75

75kw DC Fast Charger

The RTM75 retains the compactness of the smaller RT50, but introduces the Modular Scalable Charging (MSC) hardware platform, making it a heavy duty charger for its size.

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Tritium RT175S

175kw DC Fast Charger

The RT175S is a high-powered charger that is easy to install and operate. Suitable for every industry and use case, this high-powered model helps vehicles get back on the road fast.

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Tritium PK350

350kw Rapid Charger

The PK350 is one of the most powerful chargers on the market. Whatever the industry, whether for fleets or heavy commercial operators, this model helps vehicles charge as fast as possible.

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Tritium is compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands:

Are you eligible for an OZEV grant?

Reduce the cost of your EV charge points by making use of the available government OZEV grants. Our team can support you with your application, just get in touch.

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