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Public charging for flats & apartments

Top property developers and managers know that future-proofing flats and apartments is essential. They need to be ready for the present-day ways of life and for that in 10 years time.

That’s where we come in. With the government plans to ban the production and sale of gasoline vehicles by 2030 and sales of electric vehicle sales predicted to increase to £26m by that same year, residents will have new criteria when looking to move into a new property… EV charge points.

They’ll want them to be accessible, easy to use and never out of use – which is really not much to ask in our opinion! With us, you’ll get just that. 

A full survey and bespoke design means we create a solution to suit you and the lifestyle and arrangements of your residents. And if something were not to be working quite right? We’d be there in a jiffy – within 4 hours to be exact. You can rely on us to help you provide a premium EV charging service day after day. 

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Residential charge points

The car parks of residential apartments have also become a key opportunity for block owners and landlords, meeting the EV needs of buyers and tenants.

This sector currently has some of the highest government grants available to ensure that apartment blocks are equipped with the necessary infrastructure for not only today’s EV drivers but also those of the future. By futureproofing a residential apartment block and putting a sound EV strategy in place, landlords and block owners can ensure that the upcoming wave of EV drivers can easily charge their vehicles at their home addresses.

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Block Owners

Implementing a coherent EV strategy is essential. If you don’t, tenants may take it upon themselves to get a charge point installed independently. Chances are, your tenancy agreement for your residents has no mention of EV charging, making it a bit of a grey area. Many property management companies or apartment block owners are aware they need to address this but don’t know where to start.

We can help! Get in touch with us today to learn what your options are.

Benefits of implementing an EV strategy for apartment blocks

Leaseholders & Tenants

Wanting to charge your EV at home? Unfortunately, it may not be as simple as arranging to get one installed yourself when you’re leasing your property. Our advice? Get in touch with other residents to see how many of you are interested in having EV charge points installed. From there, you can seek permission from your landlord or freeholder.

Need for information? Talk to the team.

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EV charging benefits for flats & apartments

Rapid charging available for residents

Cost-effective solution

Hassle-free resident billing

Create forward-thinking, sustainable environment

Future proof your residences

Ability to scale alongside demand

Safe, reliable & high-quality charge points

Invest into the future of travel

A greener way to live

A greener way of life for your residences has never been so easy. We aim to make the EV charging experience simple for both you and the end-user. That’s why we like to keep things simple with no-hassle, faff or unexpected costs for anyone.

We even go the extra mile and help with the added extras that come with installing EV charge points. With support accessing government grants, your long-term EV charge point plan and continuous monitoring and maintenance, with us, everything runs smoothly.

Provide a greener way of living whilst future-proofing your flats and apartments with a strategy that’s completely scalable and built for the long term. An attractive attribute to potential buyers and renters, we have solutions for all types of properties, from large scale developments to independent flats and apartments. At eFaraday we have the answer.

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EV charging products for residential property

Smart, scalable and reliable rapid charging units that are easy to use. Efficient in all temperatures and have a quiet charging mode.

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alfen charger

Suited to all situations, they offer high data security and deliver max. charging speeds while safeguarding the local grid connection.

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Sevadis EV Charger

Sevadis EV ChargerSevadis EV Charger left

Sevadis logo

Robust, aesthetic and suited to all environments, the Sevadis MaxiCharger is ideal for home charging and with integrated smart charging features.

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An intelligent, powerful and secure home charging station, developed and produced in Norway and available in five elegant colour ways.

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**Installation is dependent on home type and an electrical test.**

Teltocharge Slate with Cable

Teltocharge Slate with CableTeltocharge BurgundyTeltocharge OakTeltocharge Granite BrownTeltocharge Winter White

Teltonika Logo

Easy, smart and reliable EV charger that you can customise to your needs. Developed by a company that specialises in producing global innovative technology solutions.

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Want to provide EV charging but concerned about the up-front cost? We understand. 

Lease our EV charge point equipment by paying in affordable, monthly instalments that suits you. We work with third-party lenders, enabling you to get the financing you need to install EV charge points for your fleet or workplace, without handing over a large sum of money up-front. You can therefore continue to grow your business whilst still offering sustainable charging solutions within your workplace.


How does it work?
  • Get in touch for a free quote.
  • Choose a payment option that suits you, from weekly, monthly and quarterly payments, as well as tenures from 1 to 5 years.
  • Once confirmed, we’ll organise the installation.
  • At the end of your lease, choose to keep your equipment or choose an upgrade!

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24/7 Managed Services

Monitoring & Maintenance

We do more than just install EV charging. We also provide you with a 24/7 Managed Services Package that covers full monitoring and maintenance of your entire workplace EV charge point system.

  • Active Load Management to protect your building’s power supply & maintain power requirements, to avoid power blackouts and downtime.
  • Live availability and status monitoring with automatic fault detection and remote fixing when possible.
  • Annual maintenance visits to ensure healthy charge points.
  • Engineer call-out response within 4hrs, if we need to fix an issue.
  • Tailored reporting and insights on energy use, carbon footprint, and costs.
  • Access to the eFaraday App to remotely manage your entire EV charge point system.
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year – and always with another human on the end of the line.
  • Pay as you charge payment scheme.

OZEV EV Chargepoint & Infrastructure Grants.

Residential and commercial landlords and housing associations can benefit from two key OZEV grants.

  • OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant
  • OZEV Infrastructure Grant

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These grants help with the initial cost and installation of EV charge points by up to £350 per charge point socket, as well as up to 75% of the cost of any necessary infrastructure work.


If you qualify, we’ll take care of the grant on your behalf, when you have a 36 month monitoring contract with us.

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