The Complete Guide to Rapid Charging

Find out everything you need to know about rapid EV charging.

  • The EV market
  • What are rapid chargers?
  • Different types of rapid charger
  • How are rapid chargers used?
  • How can businesses benefit from providing rapid charging?
  • Things to consider when installing rapid EV charging
  • How much do they cost?
  • Which rapid chargers are best for my site?
  • Rapid EV charging statistics
  • How to install rapid EV chargers?


Kick back and have a good read of our Complete Guide to Rapid EV Charging. Full of everything you need to know about rapid EV chargers and how they fit in with your business EV strategy, you’ll discover what makes an EV charge point rapid, their benefits, where they’re best used, the manufacturers on the market, how to install one and much more. 


The EV market

The UK has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2030 and to be completely net-zero by 2050. To help them achieve this, the UK government have banned the production and sale of new gasoline vehicles from 2030, in a bid to transition the UK into the use of electric vehicles and reduce its carbon emissions. 

This has made great waves in the uptake of electric vehicles and therefore the demand for EV charge points across the country. As many prepare for EVs becoming the norm, there is a focus on rapid EV chargers, especially within remote areas and on motorways, to support EV drivers making long journeys and maximising their available charge time, such as at shopping centres.  


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What are rapid chargers?

EV charge points come in a variety of different charging speeds and the choice of which depends on how the charge point will be used. For example, a slow charger is suitable for home EV charging, whereas a rapid charger would be suited at a motorway service station or at a supermarket car park. This is because rapid chargers are able to charge EVs at a much faster rate than an average EV charge point and are therefore ideal for EV drivers that are time-poor and need to charge their vehicles quickly


What are the different types of rapid chargers? 

There are two main types of rapid chargers: 

Rapid AC Chargers 

These charge points are able to deliver faster charging speeds by using more power, at approximately 43kW. These types of rapid chargers are typically found in public places where users are likely to spend a few hours, such as shopping centres and supermarkets. 

Rapid DC Chargers

On the other hand, rapid DC chargers are able to offer their rapid charging abilities by delivering a direct current straight from the charge point. These can operate from speeds of 50kW and up to 350kW, allowing some users to charge their vehicles in as little as 30 minutes. 


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How are rapid chargers used?

Rapid charge points are designed to charge a vehicle very quickly. They are therefore ideal for EV drivers that have little time to top up their EVs charge. For this reason, you will often find rapid charge points installed in public places like town centres and shopping centres, where drivers are likely to spend a couple of hours and in the meantime, can charge their EV. 

Another way in which rapid charge points are used is for those carrying out long journeys. It is essential for these drivers to top up their car batteries, but they are unlikely to want to stop overnight or for significant hours to charge their vehicle. Rapid charge points are therefore great for charging their EVs quickly when on the go.


How can businesses benefit from providing rapid charging? 

There are several ways in which businesses can benefit from providing rapid charge points, from attracting EV-driving customers to their business to increasing footfall. Businesses can also drive recurring revenue through a rapid charging system and set themselves apart as pioneering leaders in promoting sustainable travel

Attract new business 

Rapid charge points will attract EV drivers in need of charging their vehicles, who might not have visited the business otherwise. They are likely to go out of their way in order to find a rapid charger location too.

Retain customers 

Once EV drivers know a business offers rapid charging and they’ve been provided with a good customer and charging experience, they’ll be likely to return. 

Increase footfall

Businesses can get more people through their doors by offering a rapid charging service. When they’re waiting for their EV to charge, they can visit the business. 

Increase brand awareness

A business’s brand awareness will increase with the installation of a rapid charge point. Not only will awareness grow based on the sharing of the rapid charger location within the EV community, but it will also improve business awareness in terms of them supporting sustainable practices. 

Be a sustainable leader

A business can promote itself as a sustainable leader with the installation of a rapid EV charge point. 

Recurring revenue stream 

Businesses can create a recurring revenue scheme by charging drivers to use an EV charge point. A business can choose tariffs and how much they will charge per kW, as well as any additional charging fees. This creates an additional revenue scheme for a business. 

Create incentives for loyal customers

Businesses can customise their rapid charging service by creating an incentive and loyalty scheme for their customers to keep them returning. For example, offering EV drivers that have used the charge point a discount for the main business, or perhaps customers can cash in a 5-minute free charge. 

Future-proof your business

The future is electric and rapid charge points are, and will, continue to be in high demand. Businesses can get ahead of the game and their competitors by offering rapid charge point solutions for EV drivers.  

Better visitor satisfaction

Visitors will have a good experience knowing that a business supports greener ways of travel as well as those who receive an efficient and good charging experience. 

Workplace charging opportunities 

Installing rapid charge points can also offer workplace charging opportunities for employees, reducing a business’s carbon emissions. 


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Things to consider when installing rapid EV charge points

There are a few things to consider if you are installing rapid EV charge points at your business. 


The location of the charge points is key, and you will need to take into account accessibility as well as the main power supply. Your installer will be able to advise you on an appropriate location. 

How many 

You’ll need to consider how many charge points you want to be installed and what you think you’re demand will be now as well as in the future.

Monetisation & tariffs

Setting out a clear EV charging strategy for your business is key when it comes to installing rapid chargers. You’ll need to know how much you will charge drivers to use the charge point and how much per kW too. 

Manufacturer and type

Another consideration is which type, speed and manufacturer of charge point you will want to install. At eFaraday, we are partnered with Tritium which provides high-quality rapid charge points. 

Infrastructure work for future charge points & scalability

When you’re discussing your plans with your installer it is important to consider the infrastructure work that may be needed to enable you to scale up your EV charging system in the future. As EV ownership rises, so will the demand for rapid charge points. We recommend making sure you are prepared for the upcoming demand and can react quickly when the time comes. 


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How much do rapid EV chargers cost? 

The price of rapid EV charge points ranges depending on the type and manufacturer. Faster charging speed models will be more costly and are usually larger in size. For an accurate cost, we recommend that you get in touch with the team, who will be able to give you a free, no-obligation quotation on the cost of purchasing and installing a rapid EV charge point. 


Which rapid EV chargers are best for my site?

A site survey carried out by a professional installer is the best way to determine which rapid charger would be best for your site. This is because there are a number of different factors that play a part in deciding which charger is right for a site and business. Get in touch with the team who can take you through the options and book your site survey. 


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Rapid EV Charging Statistics


How to install rapid EV chargers?

A rapid EV charger will need to be installed by a professional EV charge point installer. They will use qualified engineers to carry out the physical installation, who will then carry out all the necessary safety checks and test that the charge point is working effectively before providing you with full training on how it works. 

If you’re interested in installing rapid EV chargers for your business, get in touch. Call us on 0330 002 1154 today. 

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