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The Mina story

Mina was founded to help accelerate the transition to EVs, by making EV charging and the payment process as simple as possible. 

Mina is an award-winning payment solution for EV charging and is an online platform that allows fleets and business electric vehicles to be charged at home, at the workplace and on the road. It allows for a business to easily pay for their employees’ energy usage without all the paperwork and within one monthly invoice.

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Mina solution for home & public charging

Mina also allows fleet drivers to charge their vehicles on the go, using public charge points, with the use of an RFID card. The driver simply plugs in and taps their card to start charging. The drivers won’t pay anything and won’t need to claim any expenses. Instead, the company will receive the charges within their monthly invoice, in which they can also easily claim back the VAT. 

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When you take out our Monitoring & Maintenance inCharge Package with us, you’ll receive access to Mina’s payment solution. If you want to find out more about how Mina works or how it can be integrated with your charge point system, get in touch today. 

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