The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Charging

Find out everything you need to know about workplace charging.

  • The electric revolution
  • Workplace EV charging
  • Workplace charging opportunities
  • Government grants for workplace charging
  • Things to consider when installing workplace EV charge points
  • Benefits of workplace EV charging
  • How much do workplace charge points cost?
  • Do you need a charging management system?
  • What is load management?
  • Workplace charging statistics
  • How to install workplace EV charging?


Introducing our complete guide to workplace EV (electric vehicle) charging, detailing all you need to know about the implementation, opportunities and decisions associated with workplace charge points. Whether you are a business, office, property and or site manager, this guide will explain the ins and outs of joining the electric revolution in the workplace, helping you to make future-proofed decisions.


The electric revolution

The electric revolution is well underway with the increase and uptake of electric vehicles growing every day. By 2023, there are predicted to be up to 11 million EV and hybrid vehicles in the UK, with figures reaching 25.5 million by 2040 if uptake remains in alignment with the Road to Zero (RTZ) government targets. 

This increased uptake is driven by several factors including the government ban on the production and sales of gasoline vehicles by 2030, as well as the increased affordability of EVs and charging equipment. These costs are only set to decrease over the years as demand increases and technology improves, further fuelling the EV market. 


workplace ev charging station


Workplace EV charging

Many businesses are therefore choosing or starting to consider going electric in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainable practices. Plus, attract forward-thinking, talented employees to their business. This is a growing trend, that shows no sign of slowing. 

This is shown by 52% of car buyers preferring an EV for their next purchase over a gasoline vehicle and many leading car manufacturers such as Audi, Volvo and Mercedes pledging to only produce EVs going forward. 

Organisations, of all sizes, therefore can’t ignore the fact that EVs are the future, and how we work and live our lives needs to change, adapting to accommodate electric vehicles and the needs and requirements that come with them. 

Businesses need to be prepared and ready for the increase in EV charge point demand as well as catering for EV driving employees by installing workplace EV charge points and infrastructure now, future-proofing themselves for the coming years. 


Workplace charging opportunities 

There are many reasons why installing workplace EV charging stations can benefit not only the planet but also the overall business. 

Attract & Retain EV Driving Employees 

The workplace is an ideal place for EV drivers to plug in and top up their vehicle’s charge. With approximately 8 hours to spare, it’s a convenient way to charge whilst carrying out the 9-5. In fact, workplace charging has been found to be the second most favourable place to charge EVs, following at-home charging. 

EV drivers are also attractive employees to have in your business, due to being forward-thinking and climate-conscious. Studies show that EV drivers are educated, in full-time employment and are attracted to companies that offer EV charging at the workplace. By offering the use of EV chargers at work, you’ll become a highly attractive employer that has great staff benefits. 

Prevent Range Anxiety for EV Driving Employees 

Range anxiety is a real concern for many EV drivers, with it being one of the top inhibitors of drivers purchasing an EV. By providing workplace EV charge points for employee and visitor use you’ll be relieving them of any anxiety and in effect, enhancing their productivity and mental clarity at work. 

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Your employees, especially future ones, care about their planet and the environmental impact we have on it. A business’s sustainability is now an important factor many employees take into account when looking for a job. A recent study showed that 58% of employees now consider how sustainable a company is when deciding whether or not they want to work there. 

Introducing sustainable practices and improving your business’s carbon footprint can therefore create a favourable working environment for future generations as well as better employee satisfaction which will in turn improve productivity. 

Encourage the Uptake of EVs Within Your Workforce

Providing workplace EV charging will no doubt encourage your workforce to switch to an electric vehicle. Major inhibitors appear to be range anxiety and the lack of charging stations. By being able to charge their vehicle at work, range anxiety is significantly decreased, making the switch to electric a realistic change for drivers. 

Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Transport produces 27% of the UK’s total emissions, with the main contributors being cars. If your business has a goal to decrease your carbon footprint, installing EV charge points will help you achieve this by addressing the direct vehicle emissions from employee commutes, business travel and within your fleets.

Be a Sustainability Leader 

By committing to the installation of workplace EV charging stations you are setting a sustainable example to other businesses in your area, as well as within your competitor market. Being a sustainable leader within your sector can hold many advantages, especially with the importance consumers are putting on companies to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

EV charge points in your workplace car park are therefore a strong message that highlights your environmental consciousness. 


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Government grants for workplace charging

There are various government OZEV grants for workplace charging available, designed to encourage the uptake of EVs and to help businesses with the upfront costs associated with installing charge point equipment, as well as the infrastructure needed. 

Due to the speed of the EV market, the UK’s government grant schemes are constantly changing. To make sure you are viewing the most up-to-date information, check out our guide to OZEV grants.


Things to consider when installing workplace EV charge points 

There are a few things to consider when installing workplace EV charge points. No business is the same and every site can have its complications, so it’s worth having a clear plan and consideration of key factors before the installation takes place. 

Which EV Charge Point is Best for Workplace Charging? 

There are many EV charge points on the market, all of which have different features and are designed for various scenarios. Some lend themselves better to home charging, whilst others provide rapid charging and are better suited to public charging locations. 

At eFaraday, we offer a range of EV charge points from leading manufacturers that are designed for workplace charging. See our full range of workplace EV charge points here. 

The charging speed of a charge point is also something to take into account when deciding on a workplace charge point.

We recommend speaking to the eFaraday team who can provide a bespoke solution for your business, suggesting charge points that suit your needs and fit your budget. Call the team today on 0330 002 1154. 

Monetising Workplace Charging

Before installing your charge points, you’ll need to decide on your charge point strategy and whether you will be monetising your workplace charge points.

This decision is completely up to you and the business. Some offer free workplace charging to their employees and visitors, whilst others monetise it. You could also provide a certain amount of charge time per user or offer it at a discounted rate for employees. 

How Many EV Change Points? 

Deciding on how many EV charge points you want to install at your workplace is also a key component to consider. When doing this, it is also important to take into account not only the current demand but also that of the future. For example, you may only have 2 EV drivers now, but what about in 5 years?

Planning ahead and future-proofing your business is key and therefore we advise getting the infrastructure in place sooner rather than later. This means you can scale your EV charging system in the coming years with ease.  


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Benefits of workplace EV charging

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce vehicle emissions
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduce fuel costs 
  • Promote sustainable practices 
  • Be a sustainable leader
  • Improve employee benefits & wellbeing
  • Track energy usage & costs 
  • Offer priority charging
  • Future-proof your business
  • Attract affluent & highly educated employees 


How much do workplace EV charge points cost?

The initial costs of workplace EV charge points vary and are dependent on several factors. From the number of charge points you want to install, the type and manufacture of charge point equipment as well as the state of the site in which they will be installed (some sites require extra work depending on the power supply and national grid). 

Whether or not your business qualifies for any grant schemes will also influence the overall cost. We recommend getting in touch to receive a free, accurate quotation for your installation.

There is also the potential for ongoing costs after your charge points have been installed, which is important to consider. Keeping your charge points in good condition is vital for their longevity, so it is worth investing in a maintenance package that supports the upkeep of your charge point system.  


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Do you need a charging management system?

A charging management system isn’t necessary to provide workplace EV charging. However, it can make managing your charge points a lot easier and more efficient, especially if you have more than one charger, have multiple users and/or have an electric fleet to manage. 

At eFaraday, we offer a charge point management service that can be used via app or desktop. Get in touch to find out more.


What is load management?

Load management, also known as dynamic load management, is a feature that optimises a building’s charging loads so that electricity is evenly distributed to all plugged-in EVs. 

With load management in place, any changes in energy usage within the circuit are identified, due to ongoing monitoring, and any available capacity is automatically allocated to different appliances. It, therefore, acts to balance a site’s energy use and adjusts the charging output to the EVs in response to changes in the energy load. 

It is a useful feature to look out for, especially for those with workplace charge points. This is because many workplaces don’t have the power capacity to install their required number of charge points. Load management maximises the power supply available and allows for more vehicles to be charged, thus leading to more effective fleet and workplace charging for businesses.


Charging EV in car park


Workplace Charging Statistics


How to install workplace EV charging?

Workplace EV charging needs to be installed by a professional installation company and carried out by a qualified electrical engineer. There are many safety aspects associated with installing EV charge points and therefore should not be a DIY job. 

eFaraday is an OZEV-certified EV charge point installer specialising in workplace charging. Get in touch with the team for a free, no-obligation quote to get started on your EV journey. Call us on 0330 002 1154 or click here

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