Sustainability is at the heart of our business. It’s why we started eFaraday in the first place. Not only are we passionate about providing our customers with a more sustainable way to travel, but we are also committed to sustainable practices within our own company.

What Are We Doing?

Electric Vehicles

You can count on us to practise what we preach. 100% electric through and through, from our engineer vans to employee company cars, we only use electric vehicles. 

Renewable Energy

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint doesn’t end at electric vehicles. Our Leeds head office is powered by a 100% renewable energy supplier. 

Recycled Materials

We really don’t want to add any more ‘stuff’ into the world. We’ll always try to go paperless whenever possible, but when needs must, we only print on recycled paper. 

Sustainable Uniforms

We’ve hooked our engineers up with sustainably sourced uniforms made from 100% cotton. 


Yes, even the coffee we drink is sustainably sourced. We take sustainability seriously. 

Tree Planting

We’ve partnered with Ecologi, to plant a tree for every EV charge point we install. We care about the planet and we care about you. That’s why we’re planting trees to offset all our clients’ carbon.

We plant trees with Ecologi