A Quick Guide to EV Charger Installation

Find out all you need to know about EV charger installation in our quick guide. From what’s included to what to expect on installation day, we’ve got it all covered. 

  • Choosing an EV charge point
  • Deciding where to put your EV charger
  • Can I install an EV charger myself
  • Getting a quote
  • Site survey
  • Lead times
  • The installation process
  • EV charge point statistics
  • Get in touch


The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing and with that, there is an increased need for EV chargers, both at EV driver homes and at workplaces and public places. In fact, Zap-Map reports more that 520,000 plug-in vehicles registered so far this year. 

So like many home and business owners, you may be thinking about installing an EV charger. But what exactly does it entail? Keep reading to discover our quick guide to EV charger installation. 


Choosing an EV charge point

The first step to EV charger installation is choosing the EV charge point. There are various models and manufacturers on the market, as well as different types, ranging in charging speeds and available smart features. 

At eFaraday, we offer a range of EV chargers to suit every budget and scenario, with the expertise to deliver bespoke solutions to every customer. View the EV charge points we install here.


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Deciding where to put your EV charger 

Deciding where to put your EV charger is an important task! Make sure to take into account key considerations such as the distance to your parking space, charging cable length and ease of charging. 

Speaking to a professional team will also help you decide where to put your charge point and is a key part of the installation process. Your engineer will be able to offer various suggestions that take into account the practical elements as well as your personal preferences and of course the safety of your installation.


Can I install an EV charger myself? 

It is not recommended that you install an EV charger yourself. Firstly, there is the safety aspect. EV chargers are connected to the national grid and incorrect installation could lead to serious injury or a faulty charger in the future. It is also important to understand power loads and the maximum amount your charger, EV and building can handle. 

Secondly, you may not qualify for certain grant schemes and warranties if your installation is not carried out by a qualified and professional provider. Don’t take the risk and stay safety compliant by using an OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles) accredited installer (like us!).  


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Getting a quote

After deciding which charge point you think you would like, the next step is to get a quote for the installation from your chosen EV charge point installer. Make sure you are quoted for both the purchase of the charge point equipment as well as the installation labour costs – you don’t want to have any unexpected costs! 


Site Survey 

The next step your EV charge point installer will take is to visit your property, either in real-life or some can do it virtually, to evaluate your site and gather any extra information they may need to plan the installation. 


Lead Times 

Lead times may vary depending on the provider and how busy they are. The size of the installation may also impact the lead time. At eFaraday, we can usually fit in installations within a matter of weeks after the site survey has been carried out. 


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The installation process 

When it comes to installation day, at eFaraday, these are the steps that take place:

  1. On your chosen installation day, your dedicated engineer will give you an estimated time of arrival, letting you know that they are en route via SMS message. 
  2. Once they arrive, they will introduce themselves and carry out any of the necessary safety procedures. 
  3. The engineer will run through the installation and confirm with you the location of the EV charge point(s). 
  4. They will then get to work installing the charge point(s).
  5. Once installed, they will commission the system and carry out all the necessary safety checks, as well as ensure that it charges your vehicle efficiently. 
  6. They will then show you how to use your new EV charger, answer any of your questions and be on their way! 
  7. A few weeks later, the eFaraday team will be in touch to check how you are getting on with your new charger and ask for any feedback. 


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EV Charge Point Statistics


Get in touch 

If you’re interested in installing EV charge points for your home or business, then get in touch. Call us on 0330 002 1154 for a FREE quote and a totally bespoke charging solution. 


Any questions?

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