How Do You Decide Where to Put Your EV Charger?

If you’re looking to install an EV charger, you’ll need to decide where to put it! Read our quick guide to help you decide the best place to put it and the key things to consider when doing so.

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Choosing where to put your home EV charger or EV charge point for your fleet or workplace, comes down to a mix of preference and practicality. You want it in a location that looks good and fits with your property’s aesthetic, but it also needs to be accessible and easy to use. 

There’s nothing worse than a charge point that is a hassle to use, so it’s important to have a good think over where to locate your charge point. We’ve put together our top 8 things to consider when deciding where to put your EV charger to help you get started. 


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8 things to consider when deciding where to put your EV charger


1. Internet Connection

The majority of EV charge points are controlled via a mobile App over a WIFI connection. You, therefore, need to make sure the location of your EV charger has a signal and the ability to connect to your internet. This may limit the distance you can place the charger from your main router, or you may consider getting a WIFI range extender to allow you to place it further away. 


2. Proximity to Parking

Your EV charger is designed to charge your electric vehicle (EV), so it needs to be close to where you park it! There’s no point having it around the back of the building when you always park your car out the front. Proximity to where you park is, therefore, an important factor to consider when deciding where to put your EV charger. 


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3. Access to Charging Port 

Your charge point is close enough to your parking space, but what about the charging port? It’s important to consider if you can easily plug the charging cable into your vehicle, allowing for adequate space to get the connector in and out of the port without causing damage to other nearby vehicles or walls. 


4. Length of Charging Cable 

The length of your charging cable will also influence the reality of where you will be able to install your EV charge point. Different charging cable lengths are available, so this may allow you some extra flexibility in where you can put your charger. 


5. Assess Your Routine 

Be realistic with your routine and access your lifestyle. There may be a perfect spot to park your EV, but do you really use it? Or is it a place where your recycling bins live? If you regularly have visitors or guests over, where do they park? If you have your EV plugged in, is it going to cause a game of car Tetris? 


Man charging EV from home charger


6. Hidden vs Visible 

Moving on to aesthetics, deciding whether you want your EV charger to be on full display or hidden is up to you (but does also depends on the practical aspects of the property). In most scenarios, your engineer will be able to locate a more discreet location, such as on the side of the property, if this is preferred.  


7. Wall vs Post Mounted

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to have your EV charger mounted directly onto the wall of your property? Perhaps your driveway or parking space is a short distance from the main building? If so, the charger can be smartly mounted onto a standalone post. 


8. Safety Hazards 

Most importantly, considering the safety aspect of your charge point is key when determining where you will put it. Potential safety hazards such as tripping over the charging cable are key things to consider.

A professional charge point installer will be able to advise on the safest place to install your EV charger. 

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EV charger statistics


Get professional advice 

Professional advice should never be overlooked, they are the professionals after all. At eFaraday, we have extensive experience installing EV chargers and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the best place to put an EV charger

If you’re looking to install an EV charger, call the team today to talk through your needs. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions and offer you a FREE quote. 


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