Choosing Where to Put Your Home Charger

You’ve ordered your EV charger, but now you need to decide where it’s going to go. This guides breaks down the factors to take into consideration when choosing the location of your home EV charge point.

  • Where do you park your vehicle?
  • Where is your vehicle’s charging point?
  • How long is the charging cable?
  • Is there a WIFI signal?
  • Do you want parking flexibility?
  • Discreet installation or on-show?
  • Charge point mounting
  • Consider tripping hazards
  • Home EV charging statistics
  • Getting started


Where do you park your vehicle?

Probably the most important question you need to answer! Where you park your EV is incredibly impactful to where you will need your EV charger to be located. Remember to think of all parking situations. For instance, where you park your vehicle at night or when you have more than one vehicle in the driveway. 


Woman charging EV at home


Where is the charge point on your vehicle?

Make sure you know where the charge point is located on your electric vehicle. Depending on your model of EV, the location of the charge point socket can vary and may be on the left, right, rear or front of your vehicle. When choosing where to put your home EV charger, make sure that you take this into account.


How long is the charging cable?

How long your charging cable is, is definitely a factor that will influence where to install your charge point. It’s good to ensure there is enough cable between where you park your vehicle and the charge point to allow for slight leeway in where you park your vehicle. A stretched or taught charging cable can not only be difficult to connect but can also be a safety hazard. 


Is there a WiFi signal? 

Many EV charge points will operate over a WiFi connection in some way or another. From communicating with a smart device and allowing you to control your charge point remotely, to carrying out charging schedules. It is therefore important that there is a strong WiFi signal in the area of the charge point so that your system runs smoothly.


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Do you want parking flexibility?

It’s important to consider if parking flexibility is important to you when deciding where to locate your home EV charge point. Perhaps you like to park your car in different ways depending on the tasks you’ve got that day or often have visitors? In that case, you don’t want your charge point to restrict or limit your lifestyle and choosing an untethered charge point means you can choose a longer charging cable to suit your needs. This means that you can be more flexible with the location of your EV charge point


Do you want the charge point positioned discreetly or on show?

Whether you want to show off your charge point unit or keep it hidden away will impact where you choose to have it installed. Depending on your property you may be limited by where it can go, but your chosen installer should be able to find a solution to meet your wants and needs. 


Consider mounting the charge point on a post

Did you know that your charge point doesn’t have to be mounted onto a wall? In fact, lots of EV drivers are choosing to have charge points installed on posts to allow for more convenient charge point locations. Mounting your EV charge point on a post significantly increases the opportunities you have in terms of location and is certainly something to consider. 


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Consider any tripping hazards

When choosing the location to install your EV charge point, it’s also vital that you consider all the potential safety hazards that could arise. Lots of cables on the floor can be a tripping hazard, especially in the dark. In addition, stretched wire in the air can be really dangerous. Consider installing your charge point in a location that will cause minimum safety hazards. 


Home EV charging statistics


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Getting started

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