15 December, 2022

12 Things to Consider When Installing EV Chargers in a Residential Car Park

Thinking about installing EV chargers in your residential car park? Before you get started, there are some important things to consider. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the key questions you should ask yourself before booking your installation. There are likely to be questions you don’t know the answer to, as well as some questions that you didn’t even need answering. But don’t worry, the eFaraday team are always on hand to help you out. 

12 things to consider when installing EV chargers in residential car parks

1. Is the car park area run from a communal power supply or, individual supplies from each residence?

2. Are there set parking bays per flat or house, or does the car park have unallocated bays on a first-come first-served basis?

3. How far are the parking bays from the power supply?

4. Is the car park supplied by a single or three-phase supply?

5. Who will pay for the installation? (there is no set answer to this, each block will have its own way!)

6. Who pays for the electricity being used to charge the vehicles? (this is actually easier than you’d imagine – we have the perfect solution).

7. How much do residents have to pay for electricity? Because you will have complete control of the financial charge being applied.

8. Are you eligible for any of the government grants available?

9. Do you already know that there isn’t enough power to the site? Let us handle the conversations with the DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) – you don’t need that hassle.

10. Are all residents interested in having access to EV chargers? If Mr Jones in Flat 5 is not interested in ever learning to drive – what do we do here?

11. How do we get the cables from the 3rd floor flat down to the car park?

12. Am I better off waiting until at least half of the residents have an EV?

Getting started

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