3 August, 2022

How Long Will it Take to Charge My EV at Home?

Want to know how long it would take to charge your EV at home? You’ve come to the right place! The truth is it can vary, much like charging any other electric device. There are a few influencing factors that can impact the speed at which your EV can charge, so we’ve gathered all the info to reveal all. 

How long will it take to charge my EV?

As we said, there are varying influencing factors that can impact how long it takes to charge an EV. However, a typical 7kW home EV charge point will charge a typical electric car with a 60 kWh battery from empty to full, in approximately 8 hours, giving about 30 miles of range per hour of charge. 

Influencing factors include:

Battery Size

The bigger the battery the longer it will take to charge, it’s as simple as that. Models like the BMW iX with a 105.2 kWh battery, will obviously take longer to charge that a smaller model of EV, such as the Kia EV6 with a 77.4 kWh battery.

Level of Current Battery Charge

The current level of battery charge will influence how fast it will recharge. This is because EV batteries will initially charge faster, the more empty it is. 

Speed of Charge Point

The type of charge point you choose to use will impact how fast you can charge your EV. Different charge point models vary in speed and this correlates to how fast they can charge your vehicle. 

Charging an EV at home

Charging an EV at home is convenient and can be a cost-effective way to charge an electric vehicle, compared to using costly public chargers. It’s recommended for EV drivers to install a home charge point unit in their homes to reap the benefits of at-home charging, especially with the OZEV grants available.  

An alternative to your own EV unit is to use a standard 3-pin plug connection, however, this is not recommended. Not only is it incredible slow (approximately 30 hours) to charge an EV, but it is also considered less safe and has the potential to compromise a building’s power supply. 

Using a home EV charge point

A home EV charge point unit has the ability to significantly decrease EV charging times, compared to using a 3-pin plug. They are safer to use, due to being professionally installed by a qualified engineer, available at varying speeds to suit your vehicle, as well as many containing key smart features that can help enhance your EV and charging experience. 

Installing a home EV charge point

Use a professional company to install your home EV charge point – just like eFaraday. You’ll get the very best service and can ensure your charge point is safely and properly installed, ensuring you don’t encounter any installation issues later down the line.  

With eFaraday, we’ll support you with any grant applications and provide various finance options for our customers. For a free quote, get in touch with the team on 0330 002 1154. 

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