28 August, 2021

Is it Worth Installing Workplace Charging Points?


  • Why install charge points in the workplace?
  • What are the benefits of installing workplace charging points?
  • Is it worth installing workplace EV charging?


Are you considering installing workplace charging points? With electric vehicle ownership continuing to increase, so is the demand for EV charge points. This, therefore, provides an opportunity for key locations such as workplaces, to be a vital and convenient location for EV drivers to charge their vehicles. 

But is it worth installing workplace charging points? Keep reading to find out. 


Charging EV in car park


Why Install Charge Points in the Workplace? 

Increase in EV Drivers

According to key research from the UK House of Commons, the number of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), in other words, plug-in and electric vehicles, has increased by 4,799% from March 2010 (9,000) to December 2020 (432,000). This huge uptake in EVs is a major reason for installing charge points in the workplace, as this number is only set to increase and drivers will have an expectation to be able to charge their car at work. 

In addition, the UK government are banning the production and sale of all gasoline vehicles by 2030, in order to reduce the UK’s vehicle emissions and contribute towards their goal to be net-zero by 2050. Gasoline vehicles are therefore beginning to be phased out and businesses, workplaces and organisations will need to adapt to meet the new driving demands and needs of their employees and visitors. 


EV Drivers Need Convenient Charging Locations

Range anxiety is a real fear for EV drivers. Until electric charge points are readily available and easily accessible for drivers, many worry about running out of charge on a journey and will often make special trips or detour from their route to find available charge points. Workplace charging allows your employees with electric vehicles to rest easy and also provides valuable employees benefits. 


Encourages Sustainable Travel 

Driving electric vehicles results in no carbon emissions being produced. This is significantly better for the environment and local air quality. Installing workplace charge points is a visual demonstration of encouraging sustainable travel and the promotion of EVs. Not only suggesting you’re a forward-thinking workplace, but you’ll also be doing your bit to limit the number of emissions being emitted into the atmosphere and contributing to the climate emergency. 


Save with Government Grants

The UK government is offering companies up to £14,000 towards the installation of EV charge points in their workplaces, in order to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) Workplace Chargepoint Scheme (WCS), is a voucher-based scheme that helps with the upfront cost of charge point equipment for up to 40 charge point sockets. Read more about the WCS and how we support your application here. 

Woman charging EV in carpark


What are the Benefits of Installing Workplace Charging Points?

  • Reduce business vehicle emissions
  • Cost-effective
  • Improve employee wellbeing & benefits
  • Promote green practices
  • Track costs & energy usage
  • Option to monetise charge points 
  • Be a forward-thinking sustainable leader
  • Future-proof your workplace
  • Attract forward-thinking, conscious employees
  • Integrate with your CCTV, ANPR and access control systems


Man charging EV on phone


Is it Worth Installing Workplace EV Charging?

There are therefore many reasons for and benefits of installing workplace charging points. From improving your business’s carbon footprint to attracting premium talent to your company, offering the means for sustainable travel is a real bonus in terms of company image and workforce productivity. But what makes the installation of charge points really worthwhile, is the current WCS grant that can significantly reduce the upfront costs.

If you’re interested in installing EV charge points in your workplace or just want to know more, get in touch online or call us on 0330 002 1154 today. 

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