14 April, 2022

Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles – Features & Benefits

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  • Why is smart charging important?
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  • What are the key features of smart chargers?
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Smart charging is the newest buzzword within the world of EVs. With new UK GOV regulations coming into play from the end of June 2022, smart functionality within EV charge points will become a necessary feature for all charge points sold and installed within the UK. But what is smart charging and what is the new legislation that’s being put in place? Keep reading to find out all you need to know surrounding smart charging for electric vehicles


What is Smart Charging? 

Smart charging, much like all other smart technologies, refers to the sharing of data and information between systems and devices. In regards to smart charging, data is shared between an EV charge point and an electric vehicle, most likely via the cloud, to make informative decisions surrounding charging and energy usage. Smart charging allows a user to monitor and manage their EV charging system and even set up data-informed automation that results in more optimised charging. 

Smart charging functionality, therefore, allows us to charge EVs in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and minimises the burden on the power grid. 


EV charge point with cable


What Does Smart Charging Have to Do With the Power Grid? 

The power grid is a network that delivers electricity across the country and to consumers. With the UK government implementing new legislation banning the sale and production of gasoline vehicles by 2030, in a bid to increase the uptake of electric vehicles and reduce overall carbon emissions, this will result in significant pressure being placed on the national power grid, as the number of EVs increases. 

It is expected that the majority of EV drivers will be charging their vehicles at home or in the workplace, essentially during times of already high demand on the grid, such as 9 am when drivers reach the workplace and 6 pm when they return home. In order to meet this demand, significant investment into the UK’s power grid will be required.


Why is Smart Charging Important?

Smart charging is important because it will firstly reduce the pressure on the UK’s power grid and secondly eliminate the need for any major investment to reinforce the electricity network. Smart EV charging allows for the shifting of vehicle charging to take place at a different time of day, such as overnight, when there is a lower demand on the power grid or even during times of higher renewable energy generation, such as the use of solar panels. Smart charging, therefore, provides benefits for EV drivers as well, such as savings on their energy bills. 


Woman charging EV at home


Do I Have to Have a Smart EV Charge Point? 

From the end of June 2022… yes! New UK legislation now states that any new charge point sold or installed within the UK from the 30th June 2022 must have smart charging functionality. This requirement is under The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021.

If you already have an EV charge point installed and it does not have smart charging functionality, you are currently not required to change it and can continue charging your EV as you are currently.


What are the Key Features of Smart Chargers?

As well as the functionality of smart charging, EV charge points with smart features are likely to hold several other user benefits that provide improved charging and system efficiencies, such as:

Remote App Control

Many smart EV chargers can be controlled via their own App for smart devices. This acts as a central control panel for the charger and/or entire charge point system, whereby the user can see live availability, charging status, control automation and smart charging times. 

Did you know we provide our own eFaraday App for controlling your entire smart EV charge point system? Find out more here.


Dynamic Load Management 

Dynamic load management, also known as dynamic load balancing, is a common feature of smart EV charge points. This feature acts to automatically distribute the available power to an EV charging system between the buildings and the EVs that are being charged. This allows for added protection to the local power grid and protects your building or property from experiencing power overloads and blackouts, as well as the need to upgrade the building’s energy infrastructure. 

It works by calculating the building’s current, real-time, energy capacity. The smart charging platform will then dynamically deliver the optimal load to each electric vehicle that is being charged at that time. 

At eFaraday, all the charge points we install have the availability for dynamic load balancing. This is especially beneficial for those wanting to install workplace EV charging, as it allows you to scale your system and safely install more charge points.


Man using phone to manage ev charging session


What are the Benefits of Smart EV Chargers?


Protects the UK’s Power Grid

Smart charging protects the power grid and enables more people to charge their EVs at the same time, therefore combatting the increased demand on the network.


Provides Businesses & Individuals with Full Control

With smart charging functionality, users can have full control of the charging of their EVs. Not only will they be able to set up automation that states when they want to charge, but also to charge during the cheapest tariff times and when there is an increased amount of renewable energy available. Users can also set up charge-by times, and their ideal charge percentage for their vehicles. 


Cheaper Energy Bills for the End-User

The ability to choose to charge your EV during the cheapest energy tariff time will have a lead-on effect saving money over time. 


Electric car charging


No Need to Upgrade a Building’s Energy Infrastructure

Smart charging and the use of other smart features, such as dynamic load balancing, make it possible to charge multiple EVs without needing to upgrade a building’s energy infrastructure, making it a cost-effective option for many businesses


Eliminate the Need for Investment in the UK’s Power Grid

The implementation of legislation stating the need for smart functionality in all UK charge points will save the government a significant amount of money by not needing to invest in the nation’s power grid to cope with the increased demand. 


Allows for the Increased Uptake of EVs

With the increased demand on the power grid due to the uptake of more electric vehicles, smart charging allows for this uptake to continue without major issues. 


Ev charging sign


Helps Further Reduce Carbon Emissions

Smart charging allows for EVs to charge during times of increased renewable energy. This, therefore, reduces the use of fossil fuels and further reduces CO2 emissions


Improved Convenience & Efficiency for the End-User

EV drivers will benefit dramatically from smart charging functionalities. Not only can they set up automation, but they can then plug their vehicle into their EV charger, knowing that it will charge efficiently at the most ‘desirable’ time, whether that be at the cheapest or ‘greenest’.


Woman at charge point mounted on wall


EV Charging Statistics


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