How to Optimise the Range of Your EV

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If you own or know someone who owns an EV, you’ll be familiar with the ‘range of your EV’ conversation. EV drivers love to discuss the range of their EVs, how far they can drive on one charge and how to optimise the range of their vehicle. It might be dull to non-EV drivers, but those in the know will understand that ‘range anxiety’ is in fact, very real and is often felt by many EV drivers.

Worrying about if your vehicle is going to make it to your destination or last an entire journey isn’t ideal! However, there are a number of ways in which you can optimise the range of your EV, whether it’s for fleet, workplace or home use. Keep reading to discover the top nine ways to help optimise EV range.


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Top 9 Ways to Optimise the Range of Your EV

In order to improve the overall range of an EV, we need to look at reducing the vehicle’s energy consumption. Discover the influencing factors below.


Drive Smoothly

How smoothly you drive your EV has a definite impact on its rangeability. Although accelerating at speed might be fun, pulling away and slowing down with control uses much less energy consumption and is indeed a safer way to drive. If your EV has an eco mode, enable it! This will help you accelerate gently and smoothly. 


Reduced Speed

It’s been found that by keeping your speed below 60mph in an EV, you’ll be able to drive more efficiently and help optimise the range of your EV. In fact, evidence shows that by reducing your speed by just 10mph, you can use 14% less energy and stay clear of any speeding tickets! 


Regenerative Braking 

To optimise the range of your EV, making full use of your vehicle’s regenerative braking feature is key. For those that don’t know, regenerative braking is a way of taking any wasted energy from slowing down a vehicle and using it to then recharge the EV’s battery. Make sure the regenerative braking feature is switched on and you’ll be minimising your energy consumption if you only brake in this way.


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Route Efficiency

This may be an obvious one, but an important one nonetheless! By taking the most efficient route to your destination, you’ll not only be saving yourself time, but you’ll also be reducing the amount of energy you use, therefore improving the range of your EV. 



The heavier your vehicle, the more energy it needs to use to accelerate. Therefore, if you want to really optimise the range of your EV, you should aim to travel as light as possible in your EV. 


Air Conditioning & Heating

Air conditioning & in-vehicle heating can use up a lot of energy that could be used to power your EV! Turn down the temperature, power or turn the whole system off completely to improve your energy efficiency and optimise your EV range. 


Checking tyre pressure


Tyre Pressure

If you have low tyre pressure, you could be negatively affecting your energy consumption and therefore range. Make sure all your tyres are at the optimum pressure for the vehicle manufacturer & type. You’ll be able to do this at most garages and is an easy way to optimise your range.


Wheel Size

The size of the wheels on your EV can impact emergency consumption and therefore the range capabilities of your vehicle. Larger and alloy wheels increase rolling resistance, which is the energy required to turn the wheels. For optimum vehicle range, it’s recommended to have smaller wheels with thicker types to maximise range potential. 


Battery Health

Battery health is an important factor in influencing the range potential of an EV. The healthier a battery, the more energy it can hold and therefore the longer range experienced after one charge. Taking care of your battery is therefore important in terms of protecting it from degradation.


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EV Statistics


EV Charging

Although range anxiety and the fear of running out of charge on a journey are justified, there are a number of things you can do to optimise the range of your EV. Installing a home EV charge point is another way in which you can guarantee your car is always at full charge, starting off any journey with peace of mind and ready to go. In addition, workplace EV chargers and public EV charger installation will all help to aid charge point availability and improve the infrastructure


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Getting Started

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