20 January, 2023

9 Reasons to Introduce an EV Strategy in Your Apartment Block in 2023

Installing EV charge points in your apartment block isn’t a process which should be rushed. That’s why we recommend you introduce a sound EV strategy in your apartment block to establish clear rules, outcomes and processes. A strategy will minimalise the risk of any mistakes, and therefore issues down the line. Keep reading to discover our top reasons why 2023 should be the year you introduce an EV strategy to your apartment block.


9 reasons to introduce an EV strategy in your apartment block

1. Increase the appeal for tenants

Having an EV charger installed and ready to go is one big box ticked for prospective EV driving tenants when looking for a place to rent. There were nearly 230,000 new electric vehicle registrations last year, an increase of nearly 5% on the following. This growth in EV adoption isn’t going anywhere and more and more tenants will need EV chargers at their rental properties.


2. Keep your site neat & tidy

Aesthetically, it makes sense to address installing EV charge points & the necessary infrastructure to allow for future installations, now rather than later. If you wait until each resident requests a charge point or until the time is ‘right’, you may run the risk of multiple installers creating cable runs with a vertical ‘cats cradle’ of cabling across your car park, which may ruin the aesthetics of your site.


3. Prevent tenants independently accessing the communal power supply

More important than the aesthetics of the car park, is if a tenant independently accesses a share of the communal power supply for their own charger. This then denies other residents the chance to access that section of the overall power in future.


4. Make use of limited government grant scheme

The UK government and OZEV have numerous grant schemes in place to help with the upfront costs of EV charge points and their infrastructure, to support the continued uptake of EVs. We do not know when these grants will end, so it’s recommended to take advantage of the funding available now, so as not to be stuck with costlier solutions in the future.


5. Create a source of recurring revenue

By implementing a proper EV strategy, charge points can be set up as a revenue generator. Depending on your apartment block’s energy payment strategy, EV charge points can be set up to create recurring revenue.


Easee chargers in car park


6. Define who will pay the energy bill

At eFaraday, we’re now seeing developers who rushed into installing EV chargers without thinking who was going to foot the bill for those charging their cars. Installed as a tick box exercise, charge points were connected to the communal supply which meant EV drivers could get their vehicles charged and paid for by the rest of the block!


7. Reduce the risk of fire

Getting the right infrastructure in place for your EV chargers is essential to ensure the safety of your tenants and site. Without it, it can put your car park at a higher risk of fire, particularly underground car parks.


8. Allow visitor charging for tenants

Having an EV strategy in place for your apartment block means you can allow EV driving visitors of residents access to the block’s charge point system, rather than forcing them to use the public network. Giving your residents the ability to offer this facility to their friends and family is not only convenient but is also a great plus to living in your accommodation.


9. Promoting eco-friendly travel

An eco-friendly solution is always worth considering, as not only can it help protect our planet, but when it comes to driving EVs, it can reduce costs for drivers and improve air quality in the area, among other benefits. Be a sustainable leader and promote more eco-friendly solutions.


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