31 January, 2023

Do Companies Pay For EV Charging at Work?

As the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) becomes more popular, many people are wondering if companies pay for EV charging at work. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one and depends on the companies EV charging policy. The question of who will pay for EV charging at a workplace can therefore vary with each company. 

Do all companies pay for EV charging for their employees?

No company is obligated to pay for EV charging for their employees. They can pay for the installation of the charge points, but this does not been that they will necessarily pay for the cost of charging a vehicle. Some companies require their employees to pay for their own EV charging costs. 

However, some may choose to provide free EV charging for their EV-driving workforce, as an employee benefit, or offer it at a subsidised cost. Some companies may also reimburse employees who charge their EVs at work, especially if they use their vehicle as part of carrying out their job, such as a delivery driver or engineer. 

What are the benefits of a company paying for EV charging at work?

There are various reasons why a company may choose to pay for EV charging at work. 

Better employee benefits

A company paying for EV charging at work can be seen as an employee benefit and could help attract and retain future talent to the business. With EV adoption only continuing to grow, more and more employees will drive electric and will need charging capabilities at work. Research shows that 63% of employees said they are likely to stay at the company they work for if their needs are met. Therefore showing the importance of good employee benefits. 

Attract & retain top talent

EV drivers are employ-worthy individuals. The majority are in full-time employment, well educated and one in three is under 35, making them ideal candidates for many companies. By paying for EV charging at work, companies can therefore attract and retain top talent and help their business grow. 

Reduce company carbon footprint

Providing free EV charging at work would encourage employees to make the switch to electric and choose more sustainable travel. This will contribute to reducing a company’s carbon footprint as well as promote sustainability. If these factors are important to the company and align with its ethos, then this would also benefit the company’s image and purpose. To add to that, a study found that 51% of people don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t have strong environmental or social commitments. 

Attract more clients

Companies that have a strong social and environmental commitment and obviously care about their employees will also attract more clients to their business, as well as those who drive electric vehicles themselves. 

Why wouldn’t companies pay for workplace EV charging?

Although there are benefits to paying for workplace EV charging, there are also reasons why a company might choose not to pay for EV charging at work for their employees, with the issue being mainly down to cost. It can be costly for some companies to cover the costs of the charge points as well as the electricity costs of their usage. If only a few employees use the charging points, some companies may not see it as a necessary expense. 

How to find out if a company pays for EV charging?

The best way to see if a company pays for EV charging at work is to ask them about their EV charging policy and the available options for charging electric vehicles. If the company doesn’t already pay for employee EV charging, it may be worth making a case for it and highlighting the benefits for both the company and employees. As the adoption of EVs increases, many companies are likely to consider offering EV charging as a way to support their employees and to be more sustainable.

Workplace EV charging with eFaraday

When it comes to workplace EV charging, eFaraday can support companies with the installation of EV charge points, as well as deciding on an EV charging policy and the ongoing management of the charge points. Once decided on who will pay for the charging costs, we can assist you with payment management options that are simple and effective, with little paperwork and minimal invoicing. 

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