28 August, 2021

How Far Can Electric Cars Go on One Charge?

  • Office range vs real-world range
  • Factors influencing an EV’s range
  • How far can electric cars drive?
  • Which EVs have the longest range?
  • EV charging statistics
  • Efficient charging with quality charge points


There is no denying that electric vehicles are the future. With the UK ban on the sale and production of gasoline vehicles by 2030, it’s likely that the majority of us will be driving one eventually. But how far can electric cars go on just one charge? 


Official Range vs Real-World Range

There isn’t just one answer when it comes to how far electric cars can drive. There are a lot of influencing factors that can affect an EV’s range, but it is first worth acknowledging the difference between a vehicle’s official range and its real-world range. 

‘Official Range’ is the range stated by the manufacturer and states how far the EV can go on one full charge. This is worked out in a laboratory testing setting, according to the  Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (or WLTP) ruler. Although various factors such as temperature and weather are taken into account, this figure is still usually higher than ‘Real-World Range’. 

‘Real-World Range’ is a term used by EV drivers and industry enthusiasts and is used to explain the realistic range you are likely to get from the EV. It is taken from those testing the vehicle in real-life situations, rather than in a laboratory setting and can be thought of as a more realistic figure.



Factors Influencing an EV’s Range

Size of battery

Firstly, the size of the vehicle’s battery will influence its overall range on one charge. The larger the battery, the more charge it can store and therefore will be able to travel further.  

Driving efficiency

The way a user drives can significantly affect a car’s range. Heavy braking and acceleration can reduce an EV’s range and the speed you drive can also affect how far an electric car can go. 


The heavier a car is, the more energy it needs to accelerate. Therefore weight can have a significant impact on range, so if you have full-person capacity or lots of luggage, you may find your EV’s range to be a lot less than it usually is with just you in the vehicle.

Use of other internal systems i.e. radio, aircon etc.

Anything that uses up the car’s energy source will limit the range of your vehicle and how far it can travel on one charge. Using other internal systems such as the radio, aircon or central heating, could have an impact on the number of miles you get per charge. 


Man plugging in electric vehicle


How Far Can Electric Cars Drive? 

Although there are many influencing factors on how far electric vehicles can drive, with the type of vehicle being a major influencer, the average number of miles per UK electric car is 193 miles per full charge (174 miles if we exclude Tesla).

If you are concerned about the range of your electric vehicle, it may be worth installing efficient charge points at your home or workplace. Find out more >


Which EVs Have the Longest Range?

See which electric cars have the longest range per one charge.

  • Tesla Model S Long Range: 405 miles 
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E – 379 miles
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range – 360 miles
  • Tesla Model X Long Range – 360 miles 
  • Volkswagen ID.3 Tour – 340 miles
  • Volkswagen ID.4 Tour – 310 miles
  • Skoda Enyaq IV 80 – 331 miles
  • Kia EV6 – 316 miles
  • Hyundai Kona Electric – 300 miles
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 – 298 miles


workplace ev charging station


EV Charging Statistics


Efficient Charging with Quality Charge Points

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