30 March, 2021

How to Bring EV Charging to Your Workplace

  • 5 steps to implementing workplace EV charging
  • Assess current interest
  • Plan ahead
  • Apply for the WCS grant
  • Choose an installer
  • Create a workplace EV charging policy
  • How can eFaraday help?


Electric vehicle (EV) charging in the workplace can provide a whole host of benefits such as increased business efficiency, improved staff wellbeing, reduced company emissions and better sustainable practices. But where do you start? If you’re wondering how to bring EV charging to your workplace, keep reading to find out the practical steps you need to take to implement EV charging in your place of work.


EV charging in car park


5 Steps to Implementing Workplace EV Charging


  1. Assess Current Interest

Assessing the interest and demand for EV charge points in your workplace is a good place to start. Send out a survey to your employees to find out how many currently have electric cars, how many are considering getting one in the coming years and where they currently charge their vehicles. Consult with all key stakeholders in the business too, to ensure everyone is on board with bringing EV charging to the workplace.

It is also important to carry out essential research on EV charge points at this stage so that you are up to date and clear on the costs, potential implications and maintenance needed.


  1. Plan ahead to meet demand

The UK government have banned the sale of all new gasoline vehicles by 2030. This is going to cause a surge in the amount of electric vehicle’s purchased over the coming years. Make sure you plan ahead to meet the expected demand.

Although you may only need a couple of charge points installed at the moment, it is cost-effective to ensure your workplace EV charging system is scalable and the necessary electrics are in place to add more charge points as and when you need them.

We advise that you aim to make at least 40% of your parking bays EV charge points to allow for future demand.


  1. Apply for the WCS grant if eligible.

The UK government are aiming to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. There are therefore serval schemes and grants on offer to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a grant that can save you up to £14,000 when installing your workplace EV charging system. It’s a great initiative to make use of if you are eligible, covers up to 40 charge point sockets and has already funded the installation of over 36,300 sockets in workplace car parks since 2016. Find out more on the WCS grant here.


Maintenance service on EV charger


  1. Choose an installer that understands your business

Choosing the right installer for your workplace charge points is vital in ensuring everything is installed correctly, safely and to the highest standards.

At eFaraday, we do more than just install charge points. We hold valuable experience in the EV sector and can give guidance on your workplace EV system strategy, how to effectively scale it for the future and what type of system and equipment would work best for your business and employees.


  1. Create a Workplace EV Charging Policy

Once your charge point installation is planned and underway, you need to create a Workplace EV Charging Policy that outlines to your employees and the rest of the business how the charge points should be used in the workplace. It should include information on:

  • The funding model – whether your charge points are free to use or if employees need to pay to charge their vehicle.
  • The charge point etiquette and usage rules for staff.
  • The assigned point of contact for employees in case they need help or there is an issue with a charge point.

You’ll then just need to distribute the policy around your workplace and to your employees. After that, you’re ready to go!


Charging cable in EV


How can eFaraday help?

Choosing us to install and manage your workplace EV charge points is simple and provides you with full control. Whether you need to install EV charging to one or multiple sites and locations, we can support you in the installation, design, monitoring, maintenance and reporting of your charge points.

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