4 September, 2023

How to Implement an EV Charging Policy in Your Workplace

As the world transitions towards more sustainable practices, and the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) grows, it is becoming more and more essential that businesses adapt to this greener initiative. One effective way to encourage adopting EVs among employees is by implementing an EV charging policy in your workplace. In this article, we dive into the details of creating and implementing such a policy to promote sustainability and cater to the needs of EV owners at your workplace.


What is an EV Charging Policy?

An EV charging policy outlines the rules, guidelines, and procedures for electric vehicle charging within a workplace or business setting. It addresses various aspects, such as allocating charging stations, charging times, costs, and responsibilities. This policy ensures a fair and organised approach to EV charging while encouraging the use of clean energy alternatives.


Why Have an EV Charging Policy in Your Workplace?

Adopting an EV charging policy showcases your commitment to sustainability and boosts your reputation as an environmentally conscious and socially responsible brand.   By providing charging infrastructure, you not only support employees who already own EVs but also inspire others to transition over to an electric vehicle. 


Why is it Important?

Workplaces that already have or are thinking of installing EV charging points on their premises need to have an EV charging policy. Without a charging policy, employees have no point of reference for how and when they can use the chargers on-site at work. EV charge policies act as guides that cover various themes, such as how much charging costs, or who to contact if a charger is not working – all key to smooth and efficient use of workplace EV chargers


Who Makes the EV Charging Policy for a Workplace?

Creating an EV charging policy typically involves the input of various organisational departments in order to come up with the charging policy best suited to your business. Human Resources, Facilities Management, and Sustainability teams often play a key role in drafting this policy. Legal advice can also help to ensure that the policy aligns with regulations and standards.


Who Should Implement an EV Charging Policy in a Workplace?

The responsibility for implementing the EV charging policy will vary from business to business. However, a Facilities Management team is most likely to be responsible for implementing the policy, as they will oversee workplace infrastructure and amenities. 


Steps to Implement an EV Charging Policy in Your Workplace:


     1. Research & Planning

Before starting, it is important to assess the demand for EV charging among employees. With this information, the number of charging stations needed can be determined. At this stage, suitable locations should be identified for the installation of the EV charging points. 


     2. Policy Development

The next step in introducing EV charging in your workplace is to collaborate with relevant departments to draft the EV charging policy. This should include guidelines for charging station usage, scheduling and costs. The policy should also define regulations for non-EV owners using the stations and penalties for violations.


     3. Charging Infrastructure Installation

Selecting a reputable installer for your EV charge point station installation is key to ensuring a high-quality service is being delivered. At eFaraday, we work closely with a range of charge point partners, all of which use industry-leading technologies to provide the best service possible. When choosing EV charge point infrastructure, ensure the charge points support various electric vehicle models as well as charging standards. 

workplace ev charging stations


     4. Communication and Education

After implementing an EV charging policy, your business should communicate the new policy to all employees, highlighting its benefits and guidelines. This should involve educating employees about the charging process, scheduling, and any associated costs, as well as a contact number they can ring if they encounter any issues.

     5. Monitoring & Maintenance

Once your EV charge points are installed, implement a system to monitor their usage. It is key that charging infrastructure is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its functionality, efficiency and safety.


     6. Feedback & Adaptation

Gather feedback from employees about their charging experiences and the policy itself. This feedback should be used to make necessary adjustments and improvements to the policy and your EV charging infrastructure, thus making for a successful and efficient charging experience for all parties.

How to Maximise Your EV Charging System in Your Workplace

At eFaraday, we provide you with the tools you need to maximise your EV charging system in your workplace. Stay in control and manage your entire system via our cloud-based management platform, powered by our software partner iEquos. Set and edit your charging fees, payment options, as well as new users and tariffs. Not only that, receive live data and reporting regarding energy usage, charge point status and availability. 

We know the importance of maintaining an EV charge point system, the charging service you’re providing your users, as well as having fast, reliable assistance when you need it most. This is why we also offer our inCharge Package, which provides you with around-the-clock monitoring of faults and issues such as chargers being offline and cover repairs, a physical service and more. 

Both of our services ensure your EV charge points are a smooth and reliable option for employees.

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