31 July, 2021

Why is Software so Important in Electric Vehicles

  • What software do you find in EVs?
  • What role does software play in EVs?
  • What future role could software play in EVs?
  • EV Charging Statistics
  • EV charge points


The electric vehicle market is growing… and fast. In March 2021, plug-in vehicle sales accounted for almost 14% of all new car sales, with 22,000 new electric cars bought in the UK, compared to just a 7% market share for the previous year. 

With a greater demand for electric vehicles (EVs), comes an even greater demand for EV software that’s innovative and helps to dissolve the pain points currently being felt by EV drivers. But what software is needed for electric vehicles? Why do they have it and why is it so important? 


What Software Do You Find in EVs?

Firstly, let’s define software. Software is the data and systems used by a computer to tell it how to work. 

There are many different varieties of software on the market that are exclusively written for particular EV manufacturers or are for particular areas of EV management. However, the advantage of using software instead of mechanical systems is that an update to a vehicle simply requires a software update, rather than a physical change in the internal mechanisms. 

As the EV market continues to develop and grow, software needs are likely to evolve. However, some of the main types of software used in EVs today are to control and manage the vehicle, as well as tackle some of the disadvantages experiences by EV drivers


Car Design Software

This type of software essentially manages the vehicle’s performance and enables it to work properly. It will manage and control the battery, electric motors, brakes, lights and other key systems as well as any internal entertainments systems and heated seats. 


Maintenance Software

Much like gasoline vehicles, EVs still need maintenance checks. Due to the vehicle being managed by software, maintenance specific and predictive software can be used to notify the driver of the safety and status of the vehicle as well as when maintenance servicing is needed. In particular, the vehicle’s battery and its management system



Monitoring Software

It’s necessary for EVs to have monitoring software so that the driver can be notified if there is an issue with their vehicle. This software will continuously monitor the vehicle for any issues and help to identify them. It will also be able to notify the driver if any particular part needs to be checked or if a software update is required. 


Navigation Software

This type of software can identify journey routes, charge point locations as well as calculate your route based on the current battery charge, helping to eliminate ‘range anxiety’ many EV drivers face especially during long journeys. 


What Role Does Software Play in EVs?

Software, therefore, plays a vital role in electric vehicles. Within an EV, there are no complex mechanical systems or an engine, meaning software is used to manage and operate the vehicle. Computing is therefore at the heart of electric vehicles and it’s an important part of their functioning. As EVs continue to develop, the data collected can also be used for the software developers to evaluate vehicle performance and identifying weak spots in the EV design. Therefore helping to continuously improve future electric vehicles. 


Apartment block EV strategy


What Future Role Could Software Play in EVs?

With the continued growth of the EV market, in combination with the UK aiming to become Net-Zero by 2050, with a sale and production ban on gasoline vehicles by 2030, the demand for electric vehicle software is also set to increase dramatically. 

EV drivers will be demanding a smoother and easier experience and future software will be aimed at fixing the current issues drivers are facing and the considered disadvantages of electric vehicles. Much like other technology trends, there will be an expectation for connected and integrated experiences with smart features that target:

  • Improved passenger safety 
  • Improved environmental impact 
  • Wireless charging 
  • Remote diagnostics & maintenance



EV Charging Statistics


EV Charge Points

EV software doesn’t stop with the vehicle, it’s needed for the EV charge points too. At eFaraday, we design, install, monitor and maintain EV charge points for businesses and homes across the UK and use iEquos software to create an all-in-one platform for your every need.

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