Maintaining an EV and EV Charging Unit

Find out everything you’d need to know about maintaining an EV and charge point unit.

  • The importance of maintenance
  • Is EV charge point maintenance necessary?
  • Can I maintain my own EV charge point?
  • How to know when maintenance is needed?
  • How often is maintenance needed?
  • EV charging statistics
  • Aftercare, maintenance & support with eFaraday
  • Our inCharge Service
  • Getting started


Maintenance, it’s important.

Electronics can go wrong. No matter the manufacturer, quality or how well they’re installed, sometimes there are just uncontrollable factors that can affect the workings of an EV or an EV charge point. From weather conditions, tampering, improper use or just plain old bad luck. For this reason, it’s good to have both your EV and EV charge point serviced and maintained at least once a year. 

Why is it important to maintain an EV?

Much like any other vehicle, it is important to have your EV maintained or serviced regularly. Although there are fewer mechanical infrastructures that could go wrong within the vehicle and the fact that EVs generally require less maintenance than their gasoline alternatives, electrical faults could still take place and cause user issues. It is therefore recommended to get your EV serviced once a year, much like a usual MOT service. 

Why is it important to maintain an EV charge point? 

Although all the charge points we install are of high quality and are professionally installed by our expert team of engineers, electrical faults can occur over time, much like any other form of electrical equipment. Due to charge points being installed outdoors, they can also be affected by other factors, despite being weatherproofed and robust in design. Factors such as extreme weather, bumps and damage, tampering and vandalism, as well as improper use can cause faults in the system. It is therefore important to maintain an EV charge point regularly to ensure that it is working properly, charging efficiently and is safe to use for both the EV and the user. 


Installing ev charger


Is EV charge point maintenance necessary? 

Although it is not required for charge point owners to take out a maintenance contract, it is recommended if you don’t want to be left with faulty equipment or a charge point that’s not working properly. With a maintenance contract in place, you will receive a fast response to the issue, with many providers able to identify and fix the fault remotely providing you with a quick response and your charge point back up and running in no time. Without one, it may take longer to get an engineer out and may cost you more in the long run. 


Can I maintain my own EV charge point?

It is not recommended that you maintain your own EV charge point. EV charge point maintenance involves extremely high voltage risks, that if not handled properly can result in serious injury or death. It is always advised that a professional and qualified EV charge point engineer carries out these tasks – like one of our fantastic EV engineers!


How do I know if my EV charge point requires maintenance? 

Much like with other electrical equipment, it may look fine from its exterior, but may not be working or functioning properly or as efficiently as it once was. If you suspect that there might be something wrong with your charge point, it is important to report the issue to us right away and to stop using it until an engineer has confirmed it is once again safe to use.

With our 24/7 inCharge Service, we are able to identify faults remotely, sometimes even before you know about them! In that case, we’ll either fix them remotely or get in touch and send out an engineer. 

Maintenance service on EV charger


How often does an EV charge point need maintenance? 

The regularity of maintenance for your EV charge point(s) can depend on various factors, such as their type of intended use, the average amount of use they receive as well as weather conditions experienced. Speaking with one of the eFaraday team will be able to advise on the amount of maintenance your EV charge point should receive. 

However, on average it is recommended to get your EV charge point maintained at least once a year. 


EV Charging Statistics


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Aftercare, maintenance & support with eFaraday

We don’t stop at installations. In fact, we’ll look after you and your charge points for the rest of your days, providing full aftercare, maintenance and support.

We’re passionate about providing companies, organisations and individuals with charge points that can be relied upon, to make the transition to electric as seamless as possible. We understand the annoyance of broken charge points… no really, we get it, for both you and EV drivers. 

That’s why our team is always on hand to help you with any questions, queries or support, 24/7. Plus, with our 24/7 inCharge Package, your charge point system will always be in tip-top condition, with a whole load of other benefits thrown in.  


What our inCharge Service includes

Our inCharge managed service goes above and beyond that of other providers. Because quite simply, we get it. We know that EV charging comes with some challenges, so we’ve formed the solution. Not to mention taking care of all your EV maintenance needs. 

Our monitoring and maintenance package includes:

  • Automatic fault detection throughout the entire system.
  • Remote fixing whenever possible. 
  • Engineer call out within 4 hrs of the issue being reported. 
  • Annual maintenance visit.
  • Tailored reporting & insights.
  • Use the eFaraday App to remotely manage your system.
  • 24/7 access to a support team.


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