29 June, 2021

How Long Does it Take to Charge an EV?

  • Time to charge an EV
  • EV charging time formula
  • Factors that influence EV charge time
  • EV charging statistics
  • Conclusion


According to the Bloomberg NEF EV Outlook 2021, electric car sales are predicted to rise sharply from 3.1 million in 2020 to 14 million in 2025. 

In addition to the UK government announcing a ban on the sale and production of new gasoline vehicles by 2030, drivers are really starting to ask questions, learn about and take the inevitable adoption of electric vehicles seriously. 

So if you’re wondering how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle, you’ve come to the right place!


Man charging EV from home charger


Time to Charge an EV

Although a straightforward question, the answer relies on a few influencing factors that involve both the chosen EV as well as the charge point being used. However, we can calculate how long it will take to charge an EV with a simple formula. 


EV Charging Time Formula

Battery Power (kW) / Charge Point Speed (kW)  = Charging time (hours)

Therefore, if your electric vehicle battery size is 22kWh and the charge point has a speed of 7.4kW, it would take 3 hours to charge a full battery. 

However, most EV drivers will top-up their vehicle battery rather than letting it run out completely and charging it from zero. In reality, it will take you much less time to charge your vehicle up to full capacity as you won’t be starting from nill. 


EV charging in car park


Factors that influence EV charge time

Although simple to calculate, it’s a good idea to understand how and why the battery power and EV charge point speed will influence the charge time.


Vehicle Battery Size

The bigger the battery, the more energy (charge) is needed. Therefore, if your vehicle has a large battery, no matter the speed of the charge point, your vehicle will always take longer to charge than one with a smaller battery size. 

When charging your vehicle, it is therefore important to understand how your battery size affects your charging time. When travelling, you’ll need to factor in potential charging times to your overall journey length. 


Speed of Charge Point

As an EV driver, you are likely to be using multiple types of charge points as you travel around. Some may be your personal home EV charge point, another at your workplace and even a public charging facility. There are multiple charge point manufacturers, models and types available and their charging speeds will vary. 

EV charge points can range in speeds from 3.7kW, ideal for a small home EV charge point,  to an impressive 350kW, made for rapid charging.

For a 22kWh battery, a 3.7kW EV charge point would take 6 hours to charge. In comparison, the same battery with a 350kW rapid EV charge point would take under an hour! 


Car charging outside of home


EV Charging Statistics



Now you know how long it takes to charge an EV, why not read about the cost of charging an electric vehicle?

At eFaraday, we work with you to find an EV charge point solution to suit your needs, power supply and budget. We’ll advise you on what’s possible in terms of charging times as well as the expected costs. We also offer full EV charge point monitoring and maintenance so that you can stay in complete control of your system. 

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