30 March, 2021

The Benefits of Converting Your Fleet to Electric Vehicles

  • 7 benefits of converting your fleet to electric
  • Reduce business emissions
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Less vehicle maintenance
  • Track costs & energy
  • Improve employee benefits & wellbeing
  • Be a sustainable leader
  • How can eFaraday help you?


We’re all aware of how every business needs to play its part in being more sustainable and helping protect the planet. From using recyclable resources, turning off lights and appliances when not in use and providing reusable cups and cutlery. But have you ever thought that you could do more?

If you have a fleet of vehicles, converting them to electric will not only benefit the planet but also your business and employees. There are already over 33,000 EV chargers installed at workplaces across the UK and this number is only going to increase. Keep reading to find out all the benefits of using an electric fleet for your business.


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7 Benefits of Converting Your Fleet to Electric


Reduce Business Vehicle Emissions

Switching to an electric fleet will reduce your business’ vehicle emissions drastically. The daily running of an electric vehicle (EV) produces zero carbon emissions and will cut your business’ contribution to climate change.


Improve Productivity

When driving an electric vehicle, there is no need to stop at a petrol station to fill up on fuel. This can save employees valuable time when meeting clients or attending jobs. With an electric fleet, employees can charge their vehicles throughout the night or within their non-working hours, therefore improving their productivity throughout their workday.


Reduce Fuel Costs

No fuel means no fuel costs. As a business, this will save you a significant amount across the lifetime of each vehicle. Electric vehicles can run on as little as 3p per mile, dependent on the energy supplier tariff, which is considerably cheaper than a diesel or petrol vehicle.


Less Vehicle Maintenance

Another benefit of converting your fleet to electric is the reduced vehicle maintenance needed and the costs that come with it. With fewer moving parts within the vehicle, there’s less chance of things going wrong, less servicing needed and overall less maintenance. This then leads to less downtime for your employees.


Maintenance service on EV charger


Track Costs & Energy

When you’ve switched your fleet to electric there will be no ambiguity on the true cost of running the employee vehicle. Your entire EV fleet system will be integrated and you’ll be able to see how much energy is being used per vehicle, when they’re being charged as well as the overall cost of the fleet. This benefits your business by providing accurate and real-time data that gives you full control over your fleet.


Improve Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Not only will your employees enjoy the benefits of an electric vehicle, in terms of performance and driving experience, but they will also experience greater employee satisfaction knowing they’re part of a business that is dedicated to more sustainable practices and investing in green technology.


Be a Sustainable Leader

Boost your business’ reputation and be regarded as the sustainable leader in your sector, leading the way for your competitors. The value of being a sustainable business is growing and is something customers are appreciating and starting to expect from the businesses they use. You don’t want to be left behind on the sustainable journey!


EV charging in car park


How Can eFaraday Help You?

We’ve made fleet charging easy. Whether you provide electric company cars or have a whole fleet of electric business vehicles, we can install charge points in the workplace and at employee homes and help you with all aspects of green fleet management.

Get in touch on 0330 002 1154 or fill out our online form to see how we can help you with fleet EV charging.


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