26 March, 2021

What is the OZEV Grant and Am I Eligible?

  • What is the grant?
  • The OZEV grant for workplace EV charge points
  • The OZEV grant for home EV charge points
  • Who is eligible for the OZEV grants
  • EV Charging statistics

Heard the words OZEV Grant thrown around in the world of EV charging? We’ll explain what it is, how it will help you install an EV charge point for your business or home, as well as the conditions you need to need to be eligible.

What is the Grant?

The OZEV Grant stands for Office for Zero Emission Vehicles Grant. It’s a scheme put in place by the UK government to encourage the use of electric vehicles and the installation of electric charge points.

There are two types of OZEV grants available, one for businesses and workplace charge points and another for home EV charge points for domestic properties.


Person holding EV charging cable


The OZEV Grant for Workplace EV Charge Points

 The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is the grant available to qualifying businesses, workplaces, charities and public sector organisations. It is a voucher-based scheme that helps support the initial costs and up-front investment of electric charge points and their installation.

The WCS grant for EV charge points contributes to 75% of the purchase and installation of an electric charge point, for up to a maximum of 40 EV sockets, with a cap at £350 per charge point. This creates a potential saving of up to £14,000 for a company!

Once eligibility is confirmed, the voucher is issued and is valid for 6 months.


The OZEV Grant for Home EV Charge Points

The EV Chargepoint grant is a government grant that helps enable the purchase of an EV charger for homes and domestic properties. The grant provides a 75% contribution towards the initial cost and installation of a smart EV charge point, with a cap of £350 per charge point socket. 

The EV ChargePoint grant is intended for those within rented accommodation, flat owners who live within their property, landlords, housing associations and building owners. 


EV outside building with mounted EV charger


Who is Eligible for the OZEV Grants

There are different eligibility criteria for both the EV Chargepoint and WCS Grants.

For the Workplace Charging Scheme an organisation needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Are a registered business, charity, public sector organisation or public authority.
  • Must be either a public authority or have less than €200,000 of public support in the last 3 financial years before applying for the grant.
  • Have dedicated off-street parking and permission to install charge points.
  • You can declare a need for EV charging equipment.


For the EV ChargePoint grant, the criteria you need to meet if you are a landlord are:

  • You must be one of the following:
    • Landlord of a property that also lets the property
    • Housing association
    • Building owner
  • You must be registered at Companies House or VAT registered with HMRC. 


The criteria you need to meet if you are in rental accommodation or a flat owner: 

  • You must live in rental accommodation or own a flat that you also live in. 
  • Have an eligible vehicle, whether it’s privately used, leased, ordered or assigned by your company when applying for the grant.
  • You have dedicated off-street parking.
  • You must not have previously claimed against the EV charge point grant or the previously named Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.


Man plugging in electric vehicle


EV Charging Statistics

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